[TTT#005] Stop asking others to take photos of you – 24 November 2022

TIP #1 – Learn self-portrait photography

Have you ever noticed that whenever you ask someone else to take a photo of you… it always sucks? ☹️

Well, in case you didn’t know, that’s a reality for everyone.

Nowadays I don’t even ask anyone to take my photo.

Instead, I use a tripod or a GorillaPod (easier to carry) to set up the angle that I want.

Worst case, I just use what I have to place the camera on the floor as I show in this short TikTok.

So much better than asking a random person.

TIP #2 – Collaborate with upcoming creators

Whenever we’re at the beginning of our career, it’s likely that we don’t know many people in our industry😔

However, I can tell you that there is ALWAYS someone at the same level as you.

By following other IG pages, checking comments, going on the explore page… try to find creators with your same passion and organise a little chat or shoot together.

Meeting up with others opens up your mind and accelerates your overall growth.

Unfortunately, I started my social media journey during the first lockdown so I didn’t have the chance to meet people in person but I still reached out to some creators that I can now call friends.

⚠️If you’re just starting out, don’t ask people with tens of thousands of followers to meet and teach you. Instead, try to find people at your same level.

And don’t get discouraged if many don’t even reply. It’s totally normal.

It’s one of those things that doesn’t provide you immediate value but that will help you massively in the long term.

Obviously, the earlier you start the merrier! YOUR Network is suuuuper important 🚀

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