[TTT #011] Take this approach ONLY at the very beginning of your career

💡 In the Two Tip Thursday series I share 2 photography tips regarding social media, business, practical suggestions, mindset and everything you need to become a pro📸

TIP #1 – How to price your work

Yesterday someone asked me how to price photography work at the very beginning of his career.

It’s impossible to give a specific number because it depends on loads of different variables (location, type of shoot, people involved, gear needed, turnaround time, the scope of the project, usage, exclusivity, deliverables, etc..)

But this is what I would do:

  1. Try to estimate how many hours the project is gonna take, everything included
  2. Set an hourly rate for yourself
  3. Multiply the two

I would take this approach ONLY at the very beginning of your career.

Then you should move to value-based prices as soon as you understand better the market and the services your offer. Listen to/watch Chris Do’s content if you want to know more about this.

TIP #2 – Reels vs Posts

For 1.5 years I posted only reels as they were giving maximum reach and visibility.

A couple of months ago I re-started posting feed posts too.


As you might know, feed posts do not reach non-followers anymore (hence, lower numbers and no growth) but they’re super useful to tighten your relationship with your actual followers.

Post reels to reach new people and grow; use feed posts to create a stronger bond between you and your audience.

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