[TTT #009] Less Is More – 22 December 2022

💡 In the Two Tip Thursday series I share 2 photography tips regarding social media, business, practical suggestions, mindset and everything you need to become a pro📸

TIP #1 – Less is more

I was updating my media kit and I couldn’t find the right combination of photos: I loved the individual shots but together were just too much😕

How did I solve the issue?

Put fewer photos in the media kit itself
Select the ones with less than everything in the photo
Add more white space between them
Here’s the before and after:

TIP #2 – It’s a numbers game

Would you like to get more collabs/clients? 💸

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or not, the best way to get more clients or be seen by brands is cold emails/DMs 📩

But most of us get incredibly frustrated because many simply don’t reply😣

Despite my 1.1+M followers I still receive little response when I cold DMs brands I’d like to work with.

A recent example: I contacted about 30 hotels in London to propose a “staycation” in exchange for some content and only 2 replied so far.

It’s truly a numbers game so don’t give up and reach to hundreds, if not thousands.

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