[TTT #008] The BIGGEST MISTAKE I see in Your Photos – 15 December 2022

💡 In the Two Tip Thursday series I share 2 photography tips regarding social media, business, practical suggestions, mindset and everything you need to become a pro📸

TIP #1 – Always use props in portraits

Adding props and accessories is a great way to take your portrait photography to the next level.

You can use props as a way to add interest and context, as well as bring focus to certain elements within the image.

Accessories like jewellery, hats, scarves, glasses or other items of clothing can instantly elevate the look of your photos.

These items also have the potential to tell a story about your subject that wouldn’t otherwise be possible – adding an extra layer of visual interest and personality.

Consider incorporating props into your work if you want to capture something unique that stands out from the crowd.

PS: the pose of the model can also help enhance the props used.

Like in this photo she’s holding the hat 👒

TIP #2 – Choose a flattering background

❌ The biggest mistake that I see whenever I get asked to review some photos is often related to messy/distracting backgrounds

The background of your photo should complement your subject and not distract from them 😏

To achieve this, you’ll want to look for backgrounds with muted colors and simple textures or patterns; avoid anything too bright or busy as it will take away from the focus on your subject’s face 😎

If you can’t find an appropriate background near where you’re shooting, consider bringing in some cloth fabric with subtle designs or patterns that you can hang as a backdrop behind your model.

⚠️ And don’t forget about depth!

Positioning elements further away helps create depth of field in photos which can make them look more dynamic and interesting overall 🤩

Of course, if you’re looking for something more abstract than traditional backgrounds – such as graffiti walls or cityscapes – then by all means go ahead 💪🏻

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