[TTT #007] Golden Photography Tips – 8 December 2022

TIP #1

If you understand (and put into practice) this tip, your photography will improve dramatically.

It’s easy yet most people still don’t it/forget about it🥲

Use foreground elements to add depth to the photo.

Cinematic videos and photos have one element in common: 90% of the time they have blurred elements in the front AND a blurred background.

It took me a while to get this: whenever you’re shooting, always think and see what objects/props/elements you can use in front of your lens.

TIP #2

Save the content you like in collections/boards✅

I love portraits, automotive and cinematic content.

Whether I’m looking for ideas on Pinterest, Instagram or Google, I always try to keep a reference of anything cool and inspiring I see by saving it into its relative board😇

On Pinterest, you can create different boards.

On Instagram, they’re called collections.

Otherwise, I use Notion (a productivity app for literally everything) to keep track of anything I want to on different pages🚀

Hope this helps!

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