[TTT #004] Doing This Helped Me Get 10x Clients – 17 November 2022

TIP #1 – Create a showreel / Media Kit

If there’s one thing that helped me skyrocket my career in the photo/video industry is the ability to showcase my talent in less than a minute.

👉🏻 How? With a showreel.

Whenever you’re next working or talking to potential clients, they rarely have a lot of time to listen to you and watch all the references you send them.

If you want to catch their attention you need to do it fast.

Creating a showreel means putting all your best videos together in a cinematic edit for a total of 45/60 seconds max.

The result should be the VERY BEST video you’ve ever created.

Take as much time as possible to make it impressive from the first five seconds.

Here are my two 45 sec showreels (commercial and aerial) that I use to pitch clients for videography projects.

TIP #2 – Buy a tube light.

One thing that really helped me take my photography to the next level is buying artificial lights.

It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive.

Before upgrading to Nanlite products I used to buy the cheapest option on Amazon and they all worked pretty well.

I totally understand if you’re scared to “invest” into some equipment.

But trust me.

Investing 40/50$ into a tube light or Amazon cheap softbox will increase your photo quality much more than buying the next lens or camera.

👉🏻 Which one to choose?

It all depends on your budget and needs.

If you are an indoor portrait photographer, go for a light with a softbox (Amazon cheap softbox ~40$Nanlite fs-60b ~179$Nanlite Forza 60b ~260$Nanlite Forza 200 ~360$)

If you only shoot outdoors, maybe a light tube would be easier to carry around. In this reel, you can see how good the final result is just using a small Nanlite Pavotube 6CII.

Even in this case, if you don’t have the budget for Nanlite, get some cheaper alternatives on Amazon and upgrade once you feel comfortable💡

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