[TTT #002] You should try this – 3 November 2022

TIP #1

(for beginners)

❓ Are you still shooting AUTO?

Well, if you are scared of going full-on M mode (manual), try instead shooting with A mode (aperture priority).

In this mode, you just need to control the Aperture (like f1.8, f2.8, f.5.6 etc) and the camera will adjust everything else.

This will allow you to control the depth of your image, i.e. how much and what you want in focus, without having to control shutter speed, ISO and other settings.

TIP #2

(for intermediates)

Do you record videos and/or shoot photos in different scenarios?

If you haven’t already, try to record your most common settings using the MEMORY numbers.

Their name and setup differ between cameras, but, in practice, it’s a way to save certain settings. Like a preset for camera settings.

For example, my 1st preset is for 4k videos at max res with PP8 (flat profile). My 2nd preset is for super slow-mo. My 3rd is for low-res 4k b-roll with a normal picture profile.

It takes a while to set up these presets but once you’ve done it… you’ll save a lot of time when shooting.

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